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Visit one of the most beautiful cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina – the city of wine, sunshine and ancient sycamore trees.

This excursion to Trebinje gives you the opportunity to visit the Old Town as well as the two monasteries and a winery and all that in one day…

Over the centuries, Trebinje has been considered as one of the most beautiful towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Situated below Leotar mountain, on the slope of Trebinje field, 25 km away from the seaside – Trebinje is one of the sunniest cities (260 sunny days a year) and one of the economic and cultural centers of Eastern Herzegovina. At the same time, Trebinje offers the opportunity to practice winter sports considering the fact that Zubci and its ski parts are not more than 20 km away from the city center. The Old Town, situated on the shore of the river Trebisnjica, numerous bridges that defeat time and adorn the river, one of the trademarks of Trebinje, the famous historical museum, religious legacy (Gracanica and Tvrdos are the most famous), many cultural happenings, taste of famous local wines and fruitful gastronomic offer – all form only one part of all the uniqueness of this town.

  • Departure from Herceg Novi is at 9.00 am.
  • Arrival in Trebinje is around 10.00 am. The tour starts with a visit to a holiday resort “from which you can see the whole town” – Crkvine, a place that the famous poet and diplomat, Jovan Ducic, chose for his eternal resting place. We will visit Hercegovacka Gracanica, the mausoleum of the poet Jovan Ducic, the gallery of gilded icons and the amphitheater. The guide will lead you through the town where you will visit Arslanagica stone bridge, which was built in the sixteenth century. You will have the opportunity to hear legends about its origins and reasons for being located at that place.
  • After touring Crkvine, we will visit the Old Town where you will see the Sahat Kula – a square clock tower, Kastel – built in the eighteenth century, Osman Pasha Mosque from the eighteenth century, the town walls with cannons …
    Leaving the Old Town through its main gate – a tunnel leads to the Square where you will see the famous sycamore trees that are over 115 years old, the Town Market, the Catholic Cathedral and fountains with monuments.
  • Then, we will visit the Tvrdos Monastery where St. Basil of Ostrog became a monk. This monastery was built on the foundations of an antique church from the fourth century. In addition to this monastery of rich historical heritage, you can see “Dolapi” on the Trebisnjica River (old cart for irrigation). In the Monastery’s old cellar planned wine tasting of wines produced in the monastery winery.
  • After visiting the monastery and wine tasting we leave for lunch at a local restaurant. In the garden of the restaurant, you can try the tasteful local specialties of Herzegovina.
  • After lunch and a short rest, we continue our trip. Arrival at Herceg Novi is planned around 5.00 pm.

Passport required

39,00€ per person

The price includes:

  • Transport by an air-conditioned high-class vehicle
  • Local guide services – Trebinje
  • Lunch in a restaurant (cheese, fish – two trout with chard and potatoes, salad, bread, and dessert)
  • Wine tasting in the Tvrdos Monastery
  • Insurance

For a trip that does not include a guide, lunch and wine tasting PRICE: € 23.00 per person


  • Children under 2 years of age have a 100% discount on the price of their ticket on the everyday trip organized by “Trend Travel” travel agency if they don’t have their own seat and don’t consume food or drinks.
  • Children aged 2-11 have a 20% discount on the price of their ticket on the everyday trip organized by “Trend Travel” travel agency. The discount implies that children have their own seat and that food and drink consumption is included (where included at all).


  • A full refund will be made if the notice of cancellation is given until 2 pm, one day before the excursion.
  • A 50 % refund will be made if the notice of cancellation is given after 2 pm, one day before the excursion.
  • No refunds will be made if the notice of cancellation is given on the day of excursion.


  • A full refund will be made in case the agency cancels any excursion through lack of demand or in states of emergency.
  • In case of unpredictable circumstances (waits at the border, traffic jams, road closures, tourist sites closures…), the agency reserves the right to change the program of excursions.
  • In case of a partially fulfilled program of excursion or in case of excursion cancellation due to a natural disaster (flood, fire, earthquake…), the agency does not assume any responsibility.



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